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STGC's Welcome Service… Class 2022 and 6 I Students

STGC's Welcome Service… Class 2022 and 6 I Students Featured

STGC's Welcome Service… Class 2022 and 6 I Students

This is absolutely one of my favorite STGC events. It is short, upbeat and sets a positive tone for the young men who are starting their ‘journey’ at St. George’s. Let us not forget the sixth formers who will also start a new chapter in their lives. 

The afternoon started with a tremendous down pour in the corporate area which resulted in the service starting a little bit late as students and parents waded through water to get to the Cathedral. The service began with Fr. Rohan Tulloch S.J. saying the opening prayer. This was followed by the welcoming address by Mrs. Margaret Campbell, Principal in which she encouraged the new Georgians to strive for great things in their stay here. She spoke of the strong tradition of excellence and loyalty at the institution. She mentioned that she has a generational relationship with STGC as her grandfather, father (a past principal), husband, all her brothers and her son all attended STGC. 

Some of the First Sixth Students

The First Reading was taken from 1 John 2: 12-17. We must keep our hearts pure and be always on our guard against the traps of this world. The Gospel Reading was taken from Mark 10: 46-52; the story of the blind beggar Bartimaeus. It is a lesson in courage when the odds are stacked against you. He encouraged the young men to work hard and for parents to be actively following up their sons in their school work and life. Fr. Tulloch mentioned that the school had raised some $600,000 which was to be used in scholarships and assistance of the students. 

Mrs. Campbell presented two of the new students, Rashaun Bryan and Tusain Henderson with scholarship awards. Ms. Suzette Chin-Loy, sister-in-law of the late Raymond Chang presented the other scholarship to first former Jaheem Steele on behalf of the Chin-Loy family. She related, like Mrs. Campbell, how she had a significant connection with STGC. Her father, left St. George’s College at age 15 to join the war effort in World War 2 and of course Ray Chang was a big contributor to the College for many years up to his passing. She encouraged Jaheem and the others to work hard and shoot for the stars.

 Sixth form team on duty

The service continued with the Headboy, Kyle Bedessie and Senior Lady, Nicole Raymond giving the ‘charge’; a direct series of positive instruction to the new students and parents. 

We ended the service with the hymn ‘Shine, Jesus, Shine’. Symbolically, the rain had stopped and the sun came out as if to confirm the Lord’s divine presence. 


We pray for the Class of 2022 and the new group of sixth formers. 

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