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Young Georgians in the News (7)


STEPHEN PRICE, STGC Class 1990- Managing Director of Cable and Wireless Jamaica Limited

Stephen has a wealth of experience in the telecom market. He started with the Digicel Corporation in 2009 where he was the Head of Group Procurement, assigned to ensure that efficient and economic procurement systems were in place and maintained for the Digicel group.

He joined LIME in 2010 where he was the VP of Retail, Sales and Distribution.

His performance was outstanding and so it was no surprise when he was appointed the Managing Director for Cable and Wireless Jamaica Limited in June 2017.

A husband and father, he is married to Imani Duncan Price. He is the younger brother of Andrew Price, another corporate giant.

Big up to Stephen Price.


STGC Photography



JUSTIN MORIN, STGC Class 1992 is the newly appointed CEO of Digicel

Justin has a wealth of experience with his last job being with Saudi Telecom in the Middle East, where he was the Director of Corporate Strategy.

He has 17 years of high level corporate experience in telecom, finance and manufacturing. He worked with Grace Kennedy for 7 years before joining the international consultancy firm Delta Partners as a senior principal.

Congrats Justin.

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Burger King scholarships lay platform for tertiary success

STGC’s Hykel Nunes awarded the Rodwell Lake Scholarship

STGC’s Hykel Nunes awarded the Burger King Rodwell Lake Scholarship Sixth Former Hykel Nunes was delighted when he heard that he was awarded the Burger King Rodwell Lake Scholarship valued at $300,000 per year for three years to study Journalism at UWI. 

Hailing from the East Kingston community of Dunkirk, Hykel had excelled from the start to end of his stay at STGC in May 2017 He had his challenges as the death of his sick father made his situation very difficult. But the determination and strength of his mother, the lone bread winner in his family sacrificed a lot to support her son as he progressed through the ranks in school. He expressed eternal gratitude and love for her. 

It was a similar story for the other recipients of the Burger King Scholarships. Again mothers featured strongly in the story of the other recipients. 

The other recipients were as follows: Lois Sherwood Scholarship: Tessan Stewart , St. Andrew High School Open Tertiary Scholarship: Akeen Neil, Jamaica College Edna Manley Bursary: Sasheina Williams.

 As a result of a combined $2.2 million courtesy of the Burger King Scholarship Programme, four youngsters in pursuit of tertiary credentials have vowed to rise above ...


Akino Lindsay… World Martial Art Champion… a Fighter for Peace

In recent times a number of young Georgians have made news in a big way. In this update, AKINO LINDSAY and YOHAN LEE are featured.

Akino Lindsay is no ordinary young man. He graduated from St. George’s College in 2012 and then went on to Sixth Form. Known for his tremendous sense of humor and easy going style, the young man started to learn taekwondo while at STGC. 

He was part of the STGC 2014 Taekwondo team that stunned Calabar High, the taekwondo stalwart, in champion tournaments. He has multiple World Championship titles. In 2015, at age 18, he won the International Sport Kick Boxing Association Championship and again recently in Greece for the 2018 World title. At 17, he was the Pan-American Champion while still in high school.

But, he has another side: a passion for the development of inner city youths. He coaches martial arts in volatile inner city communities in Kingston. The UWI software engineering student is a UNICEF recognized partner and is a Michael Johnson Youth Leader. 



Young Georgians Big in the News... Part 2

Daniel RaphaelTwo outstanding Georgians who in their chosen fields are excelling but also giving back to their communities.

Daniel Raphael, STGC Graduate Shines in Actuarial Science

Daniel Raphael, STGC Class 2011 is making headway in his journey to become an actuary. Like so many, he is from humble circumstances and found himself 'distracted' at one point in time. However, harsh words from his father, made him rethink and by the time he graduated from STGC, he was a recognized top performer. 

While doing STGC's community service for graduation requirements, he stared to work with the Grace Kennedy Community Development Foundation. This opened up a whole new world of experience and enlightenment. He taught maths in inner city communities and also at STGC to students that needed help in the subject.

He would go on to teach at St. George's College before going on to start actuarial science two years ago at UWI. He is making waves as he progresses. 

Daniel Raphael

Young Actuarial Aspirant Daniel Raphael

LIKE most children born in his particular circumstances, Daniel Raphael was, by his own admission...


This is his story: Read more 







Yohan Lee

STGC Graduate Yohan Lee Awarded Major Journalism Scholarship

Yohan Lee, STGC graduate Class 2006 was awarded a major scholarship, the Erasmus Mundus Scholarship to do a two year Masters in Journalism in Denmark and Germany.

A top student at St. George's College, he was on the Deans List for his 6th Form years. He had to delay his tertiary studies because of finances but eventually stared his undergraduate degree at UWI in 2013 at the age of 24. 

His academic excellence again continued and was 3rd in his class in his first year, 1st in years two and three. He has a First Class Honours in Journalism/ Gender and Development Studies. 


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